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There is no major thought in most Nigeria youths than how to go abroad away from the country.

… an information resource portal for legal migration, be it temporary or permanent

Unlike the citizenry of a number of other nations, migration, traveling and relocation is not scary to Nigerians. Nigerians have been going on holidays to the West long before the nation was bedeviled by runaway leadership crisis of bad leaders.

It is not only capital flight (due to corruption-caused infrastructure gaps) but also human-capital flight that Nigeria is currently experiencing. But that is not what, a.k.a. the blog for traveling out, is about.

Since Nigeria and a decent lot of other countries have pushed their citizens to the journey of seeking better living outside the shores of their native land, we wanted to make that process as safe and great as possible. We will do this by launching an information resource / portal for legal migration – be it temporary or permanent.

At, what we do is building specialized and niche corporate blogs and online web projects that brands can partner with. We have talented gurus who come up with briefs and layout exactly how to maximize the interests of the online community. was named by our creatives who also created the concept for the blog. Today we have launched the Relocate blog, running its first series – the dreaded visa interview.

What is in Relocate Blog for a business?

Promote your travel business or travel products by adopting as your corporate blog. The Relocate brand is a major name as the unique online destination in its niche. Entering into business with this corporate blog is a win-win for any entrepreneur or business owner in the travel industry.

Contact if you are interested in taking your business on the upward flight online!

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