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People Want to Start a Business, Use that to boost your business

… is one way to boost your business

We have decided credible information will be our uniform, our motto at Blogging produces corporate blogs as an art, we produce these blogs as a mission. We are not just ‘blogging’, no. We are providing information to solve the problems in our society and to bridge gaps.

We launched to bridge the many gaps in the path of new business owners and aspiring business owners. The unemployment and underemployment challenge in Africa with its huge youth populace seeking a way out in life is the reason we launched

What is in Blog for your business?

You can be a part of the mission we have begun with and win the hearts of our readers. It is simple; we allow businesses to adopt our corporate blogs. What that means is that you can simply decide to pay for the costs of producing and managing the blogs. In exchange you get branded on the blog. You get mentions and you have complimentary blog posts twice in a month among several other promotions we have for the blog sponsors which are not publicly disclosed.

Here is an example of one of the ways we promote the business partnering with is one of the websites in corporate blog portfolio

In the case of, SecureCabin was part of the dream from the inception. They saw it as a great way of reaching their target market while providing them security-smarts at the same time. From when the blog launched, the name of the partner was clearly imprinted on the blog.

Contact if you are interested in taking your business on the upward flight online!

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