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Naming Your Online Business; that’s the beginning of wisdom

In a quick list Blogging looks answers these questions – Why is it important to choose a great name? What types of names are bad? How to get a good name.

Here is a quick pitch about online business names. You are launching a website, blog, e-commerce site, or online forum. Maybe you are even starting a new business. What should you name it?

Why is it important to choose a good name or to name your business wisely?

  • The name you choose is what your customers will always interface with forever.
  • The name is your carrier in the real world. When you are not physically there, the name is what represents you. Whether on the radio, in tweets, blog and forum posts and discussions online, emails, or the lyrics of an hiphop song, the name is what represents you. So naming it wisely is a good decision that pays now and in the future.
  • A good name is going to be one of your assets for competing in the market or industry online or offline.
  • You can build a brand with a lackluster name, but with a great name, your brand becomes more valuable.
  • It would influence how well people are able to find your website on the world wide web – a name with a keyword has still not lost its SEO relevance.

What types of online business names are bad?

Do well to avoid:

  • Unpronounceable and hard to pronounce names
  • Confusing names
  • Multi-word Cumbersome Appellation Combined Enterprise – types of business name
  • Totally meaningless combination of words

How to get a good business name

  • Hire an agency dedicated to coming up with names for a business, or a product. These costs thousands of dollars. Read on, you will find some of these companies below in the resources section and in the comments section.
  • Use online websites where businesses can outsource naming to freelancers in the form of a competition or contests among naming ‘experts’ or freelancers. These costs a few hundred dollars.
    What is the difference between an agency and a naming website utilizing freelancers? In the latter, you need to be able to choose which is a good name. They will give you options, it is left to you to choose a winning one. The problem then is how well are you able to determine which of their suggested submissions is a good name?
  • Just go and buy a domain name. There are several websites of domain name portfolio companies and domain name marketplaces too. You can visit those and get a name for your business.

If you are setting up a major online or offline business, do not joke with the name. It is very important for your marketing and branding. When it comes to online, the name is crucial.

Some ideas for more research about naming a business

Great names, great blogs, great results

When you are done naming your (online) business, you will need to promote it. You may choose to run a corporate blog or at the least have a regular update on a part of your website.

If you are too busy and/or lack the relevant knowledge and skills to build a blog that matches with your business offerings and yet provide valuable content for your target market, consumers, and customers, you are in a good place – What we do is build specialized and niche corporate blogs and online web projects that brands can partner with.

Naming an online business resource list –

We mention only a few we think would be great to try, note that we get no financial benefit for doing that; we only don’t want to burden you with some long lists.

Naming competition websites

Domain name marketplaces

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